Patient support

Technology is a need. Humanity is a must.

At CliniQnect, we have a deep commitment to not just rely on digital tools but to ensure that no one is left behind. By implementing Decentralized elements in your trials, we come with a strong personal support system for both the site staff and patients. We can navigate technical challenges and physical distances, bringing trials to patients in a way that respects their circumstances and promotes inclusivity. When it comes to digital tools, we will work with the ones already decided for your trial, if not we of course have our own eSource platform. Our medical staff and project team will then give personal support to patients and staff at the sites. To be able to leverage technology we all must feel comfortable and secure using it – this is were humanity comes in, with personal support every step of the way.


People caring about people.

Home visits and home support enable more patients to participate in clinical trials, or adhere to a prescribed treatment regimen, regardless of their condition or circumstances. Through person-to-person interaction we ensure that patients and their families feel well informed and as comfortable as possible regardless if participating in your trials or a prescribed treatment that needs a Patient Support Program.