Clinical Trials

Decentralized methods or elements in your Clinical Trials?

It is recognized that home visits with mobile healthcare professionals, combined with new technology, can improve and accelerate clinical trials performance. If you are planning decentralized visits in your trials we can help you reach patients anywhere anytime. With our unique experience from development and implementation of global doping control programs for the sports industry, CliniQnect will enable clinical trials that requires decentralized visits almost anywhere in the world.

Home Visit program

CliniQnect integrates clinical trials expertise with our global home visit management and extensive medical network of nurses and phlebotomists to bring the site visits to patients home. You will have a dedicated project management team managing all the elements of decentralized visits for you. The key components of our Home Visit Programs includes:

  • Global Capacity
  • Tailor-made solutions
  • Booking/Scheduling
  • Home visits
  • - Training and Support
  • - Sample Collection
  • - Drug Administration
  • - Handling of Supplies/Material
  • Chain of Custody documentation
  • Coordination of all transport/shipments including temperature control
  • One dedicated project team securing communication and oversight