A worldwide mobile nurse network, meeting patients where they are.

Combined with new technology, home care visits can improve and accelerate clinical trial performance.

But how to set it up while avoiding more administration? How to maintain the highest quality and patient safety through all stages? And how to keep principal investigator oversight, ensuring that doctors and clinics stay in control while their patients receive the best support and care? By using CliniQnect.

We have unique expertise in global home care services and offer a turnkey concept managing all off-site and at-home activities in clinical trials. Our service includes mobile nurses, lab, logistics, courier coordination, data collection, and reporting. Having conducted close to 30 000 individual visits resulting in over 600 000 lab analyses since 2020, we can guarantee that our operational model works - in over 80 countries.

  • Home Visit Programs

    CliniQnect deliver home visits programs globally with our mobile teams and provides a one stop solution.

  • Courier

    CliniQnect has partnered with leading courier companies in order to integrate home sample collection and shipment requirements according to the protocol.

  • Global Medical Network

    CliniQnects match all the client’s needs for the study requirements, by recruiting staff and home collection team located near the patient’s home.

“A qualified supplier to IQVIA for providing in home sample collection services.”

Introducing our new CEO, Patrik Avestrand!

We are thrilled to welcome him to the CliniQnect team. With his passion for patient support programs and medical support solutions, Patrik brings a wealth of experience in company management and business development. Patrik's special focus on decentralized clinical solutions is an incredible asset for us, as we continue to revolutionize the way clinical trials are conducted. His expertise will help us further enhance our services and make a positive impact on the lives of patients worldwide. Join us in extending a warm welcome to Patrik as we embark on this exciting journey together! Stay tuned for exciting developments ahead at CliniQnect!

If you have any queries or need of additional information regarding our services, please feel free to contact us on the below e-mail.


Unique global capacity

CliniQnect has healthcare professionals in over 80 countries. By offering home visits and monitoring, we make it easier and more convenient for patients to participate in clinical trials. It’s a way to improve and accelerate clinical trials and expedite approvals of medical products and pharmaceuticals in foreign markets.

Mobile network of healthcare professionals

Our professional and experienced nurses have essential knowledge of local culture and customs. They visit patients wherever the patients prefer: at home, work, or school. CliniQnect also ensures doctors and clinics stay in control while their patients receive the best support and care – clinical oversight is secured.

Turnkey concept

CliniQnect is a full-service provider offering a one-stop solution. Our dedicated team handles all off-site coordination and activities in clinical trials, such as mobile nurses, lab, logistics, courier coordination, data collection, data reporting, and the collection of real-time patient insights. CliniQnect’s model is time-efficient and keeps clinical operations administration to a minimum.

“We support the patients every step of the way,
minimizing the impact on their everyday life.”

Guaranteeing the highest quality

Patient safety and regulatory adherence are always top priorities. And our extensive experience in home care, testing, and home monitoring guarantees the highest quality. We're in close partnership with couriers who meet the most demanding industry expectations and have comprehensive experience with time-and-temperature-sensitive shipments.

Improved quality of life

Home visits and support at home enable more patients to participate in clinical trials, regardless of their condition and circumstances. CliniQnect’s setup paves the way for better and more equal access to heatlhcare worldwide. In the end, it’s all about improving quality of life.

“We are dedicated to helping minimize
the burden and effort of being a patient”

CliniQnect´s Quality System (QS)

We have been working systematically for many years in the development of a quality concept for home sampling testing and has developed a concept and Quality System (QS). Our approach is to provide Home Visit Programs that meet or exceed our clients’ expectations. We work with client organization to develop tailor-made program to achieve their goals.

CliniQnect provides convenient, economical, and high-quality Home Visit programs (on-site sample collection services) for clinical trials, globally.

CliniQnect delivers standardized services irrelevantly of where the testing takes place.

CliniQnect combines advanced client support and operational systems with medical expertise to deliver solutions that produce value for our clients.

“In a Swedish translational study of preoperative treatment of breast cancer patients, patients were offered to be allowed to give blood samples in their home or workplace instead of getting to the hospital. Two-thirds of patients stated that this had a positive impact on the decision to participate in the clinical study. Health care should therefore consider investing in home sampling in the context of clinical studies, especially for patients with reduced general conditions.”