Global Clinical Trials for the future

CliniQnect home visit program makes it easier, more convenient and efficient for patients to participate in Clinical Trials.

Easier, more convenient and efficient for patients to participate in Clinical Trials. Time and flexibility are essentials to all people in today´s world, including patients participating in clinical studies. They should not be prevented in their daily lives. Our unique experience from thirty years of global sample collection, bring the possibility for patients to participate in trials having their part of their tests conducted in their homes instead of having to go to a medical sites/hospital.

Whether it is geographic location, time or inconvenience, that prevents patients from participating, CliniQnect removes these barriers by providing home health collections. Every trial setting and patient population has unique needs, and the operational format must be customized to accommodate those needs and to ensure success.

CliniQnect strengthening the efficiency and patient driven focus of your trials, enhanced data collection, patient recruitment and patient retention. This is the goal of a new approach to Clinical Trials.

  • Home Visit Programs

    CliniQnect deliver home visits programs globally with our mobile teams and provides a one stop solution.

  • Courier

    CliniQnect has partnered with leading courier companies in order to integrate home sample collection and shipment requirements according to the protocol.

  • Global Medical Network

    CliniQnects match all the client’s needs for the study requirements, by recruiting staff and home collection team located near the patient’s home.

“A qualified supplier to IQVIA for providing in home sample collection services.”


Collaboration with Bonnier Healthcare

CliniQnect collaborates with Bonnier Healthcare in recruiting patients to clinical trials/studies.
Bonnier Healthcare is an internationally present digital health company for patients and dependents. At Bonnier Healthcare individuals can connect with others in the same situation, get professional advice and read the latest news about their diagnose from the most innovative and supportive people and companies.
All health data is protected by the highest standards and is always available to the individual.

CliniQnect´s Quality System (QS)

We have been working systematically for many years in the development of a quality concept for home sampling testing and has developed a concept and Quality System (QS). Our approach is to provide Home Visit Programs that meet or exceed our clients’ expectations. We work with client organization to develop tailor-made program to achieve their goals.

CliniQnect provides convenient, economical, and high-quality Home Visit programs (on-site sample collection services) for clinical trials, globally.

CliniQnect delivers standardized services irrelevantly of where the testing takes place.

CliniQnect combines advanced client support and operational systems with medical expertise to deliver solutions that produce value for our clients.

“In a Swedish translational study of preoperative treatment of breast cancer patients, patients were offered to be allowed to give blood samples in their home or workplace instead of getting to the hospital. Two-thirds of patients stated that this had a positive impact on the decision to participate in the clinical study. Health care should therefore consider investing in home sampling in the context of clinical studies, especially for patients with reduced general conditions.”