Our Story


Thirty years ago, Staffan Sahlström together with Camilla Nordström pioneered the global doping control service (International Doping Tests & Management) within the sports industry by developing a system and implementing unannounced tests at athletes’ homes. In addition to this experience, they provided on-site and home collection for other industries such as maritime-, workplace and clinical trials. In 2015 they left the sport industry and co-founded First Wellness Testing AB.

In December 2018, IQVIA approved First Wellness Testing to conduct Home Test Service for Clinical Trials. In order to provide a tailor-made virtual clinical trial solution for our clients, the co-founders decided to establish a new business unite “CliniQnect” – as a subsidiary to First Wellness Testing AB.

CliniQnect brings all the combined expertise, experience and our broad network of qualified nurse and doctors and operation processes into the new business unite.

As a company, we have been perfecting the art and science of in-home services since 1991. The depth and variety of experience among our employees and our global medical net-work will make it easier and more convenient for patients to participate in clinical studies.