How it works

How it works

When CliniQnect receives a request for a Clinical Trial, were the study protocol requires visits at the patient’s home, the following action is taken:

Assessment of the protocol:

  • Type of study
  • Duration of the study
  • Number of patients, and countries/locations involved
  • Number of home visits
  • Medical Staff qualification
  • Type of tests to be conducted
  • Documentations
  • Shipment conditions

Based on the received information CliniQnect provides a tentative offer, which includes the overall administration, planning and management of the home sample collections within the Territory, once a patient is signed up for the Clinical Trial project.

The structures of CliniQnect offers are the following:

  1. A start up flat fee for the Initial set-up of the project, based on the estimated hours of work.
  2. A flat fee for each patient home visit which includes:
  • Mobile Team Personnel (1 medical staff)
  • Travel incl 200 km by car
  • Per Diem
  • Planning Fee


  1. Additional costs may occur, depending on the protocol’s requirements

Project set-up:

When CliniQnect is appointed as a service provider, the following actions are taken:

  • Review of the protocol
  • Project planning and logistic set up
  • Project team set up
  • Initial start-up meetings with local countries
  • Communication set up
  • Quality control and documentation ( incl SOP routines, material and SAE reporting etc.)
  • Selection and qualification of the mobile teams in each country
  • Courier set up
  • Contact with Clients representative
  • Handling of material (ordering, shipment…)
  • Documentation (training, protocols…)
  • Reporting system
  • Training of the Team (according to client protocol for the project)


Project management:

CliniQnect will have a designated person working with the
project being responsible for the ongoing project management and the coordination as well as the  daily contact with the local team and the clients representative.